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HCH Construction Services

What We Offer

HCH Construction has performed over 6 million in renovation, over 350 properties throughout the state of Georgia in the past 12 months for WRI/Castle Construction and colony America.

    • Precise estimate techniques
    • Fast turnover time
    • Set & Maintain Budget
    • Handle all aspects from permits to scheduling subs
    • Quality
    • 10k-75k budgets
    • 40 properties per month
    • Any area of Georgia & surrounding states
    • 350+ properties in months
    • Highly qualified project managers, office staff, and subcontractors
    • Fire & Water Restoration

Goals and Objectives

    • Maintain our current clients by living up to our guarantee that their projects will be finished on time, within budget and to their expectations.
    • Aggressively pursue new clients by seizing opportunities for joint ventures with proven and reputable companies.
    • Create new growth in today’s challenging marketplace by finding unique alternatives to the conventional way of doing business.
    • Provide new opportunities and ideas to our clients in order to meet their strategic goals.
    • Help our clients select the ideal location for their business.
    • Help design and construct high quality stores that reflect our client’s company and provide an engaging atmosphere to our customer’s clientele.
    • Provide our staff with the best education and training so they can provide the most cutting edge solutions for our customers.